Finca Las Flores' exploration and dedication to specialty coffee have had a significant impact on the overall coffee industry. Through their commitment to continuous learning and improvement, they have not only elevated their own reputation but also contributed to the growth and development of the coffee sector as a whole. One of the key impacts of Finca Las Flores' exploration is the introduction of different coffee varieties. By carefully selecting varieties that align with their farm's altitude and soil conditions, they have been able to enhance the flavor and characteristics of their coffee offerings. For example, they have embraced varieties such as Bourbon, Typica, and Geisha, each known for their unique flavor profiles . This diversification of coffee varieties has added value to the overall coffee industry, providing coffee enthusiasts with a wider range of flavor options.

Furthermore, Finca Las Flores' dedication to specialty coffee has inspired other coffee producers to follow suit. By participating in prestigious competitions like the Cup of Excellence, they have demonstrated the potential for excellence and quality in the coffee industry. This has motivated other farmers to explore new cultivation techniques, experiment with different varieties, and improve their overall coffee production.

In addition, Finca Las Flores' commitment to continuous learning and improvement has led to the development of new and innovative practices in the coffee industry. Through their exploration, they have gained knowledge and understanding of agricultural practices that contribute to the overall sustainability and quality of coffee production . This knowledge has been shared with other coffee producers, leading to the dissemination of best practices and the improvement of coffee cultivation techniques across the industry.

Overall, Finca Las Flores' exploration and dedication to specialty coffee have had a transformative impact on the overall coffee industry. Through their commitment to continuous learning, introduction of new varieties, and sharing of knowledge, they have elevated the standards of coffee production and inspired other farmers to strive for excellence. The impact of their exploration extends beyond their farm, contributing to the growth and development of the coffee sector as a whole . 


Diego plays a vital role in the project at Finca Las Flores, contributing to the processing, management, and overall quality of coffee production. He works closely with Carlos to ensure that the coffee beans undergo proper processing methods, including fermentation, drying, and other important steps. By carefully managing these aspects, Diego helps to bring out the best qualities and flavors of each coffee variety cultivated at the farm.

Diego's expertise in processing techniques allows him to contribute to the development of replicable profiles for each coffee variety. This means that he helps create consistent and distinct flavor profiles for different types of coffee beans produced at Finca Las Flores, adding value to the coffee industry as a whole.

In addition to his role in processing and quality management, Diego also plays a part in the commercial aspects of the project. Alongside Jhoan, he helps promote and publicize the work being done at Finca Las Flores. This includes showcasing the unique processes and flavors developed for each variety, raising awareness and appreciation for the high-quality coffee produced at the farm. 


This Chapter we have a relatively unknown arabica variety - Chiroso. Based on genetic testing, Chiroso was believed to be a natural mutation of an Ethiopian Landrace originally found in Colombia in the province of Antioquia (Urrao). We found this variety is very sweet and complex.

Creamy Cultured Brilliance:

Coffee profile resulting from LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) fermentation implies a rich, smooth texture, sophisticated flavors akin to fermentation, and a multi-dimensional taste experience that combines creaminess, cultured nuances, and an exceptional depth of flavors. In this coffee you will experience refined flavours associated with cultured products like yogurt. The Brilliance is associated with the complexity and depth including baked fruits, jam, watermelon and strawberry like notes. 


1. Canyou tell me about the history and origins of your coffee farm? How did it all begin?

Finca Las Flores was established in 1990 when my parents, Edilberto Vergara and Nubia Ayure, moved from the department of Cundinamarca to the department of Huila and acquired the farm. Initially, the farm spanned 2 hectares, but over time, they expanded their land for coffee cultivation. My parents had five children:

Xiomara, Leonardo, Carlos, Jhoan, and me. In 2014, my mother passed away, leaving a significant void but also a legacy of perseverance and love for coffee growing. She taught us never to give up and to have faith in our endeavors. Currently, my brother Jhoan and I manage the farm. We decided to continue our mother's legacy, transforming Finca Las Flores from a traditional farm into a producer of specialty coffee.

2. Howhas being a coffee farmer influenced your perspective on life and work?

Coffee farming has influenced my life by teaching me to face daily challenges, strive for excellence, and practice patience and perseverance in everything I do, whether on the farm or in other aspects of my life.

3. Could you describe the specific coffee processing methods used on your farm? How dothese methods contribute to the flavor profile of this coffee?

Finca Las Flores aims to process high-quality and competitive coffees, emphasizing the diverse fruit flavors that our ecosystem
can develop while also highlighting the virtues, characteristics, and purity of each variety. This approach results in coffee with high attributes that preserve the essential characteristics of good coffee, such as body, acidity, and aftertaste. Our processing steps include:

   1. Cherry
oxidation, with varying hours depending on the variety.

   2. Anaerobic
fermentation, with varying hours depending on the variety.

   3. Thermo
shock to capture the maximum sugars and oils developed during fermentation.

   4. Initial
solar drying followed by mechanized drying to ensure healthy and even drying.

4. How do you relax after a long day of work on the coffee farm?

a long and exhausting day on the farm, the best way to relax is with a cup of
coffee, reflecting on the day's lessons and considering how to continually

5. How do you ensure the quality and consistency of your coffee from cultivation toprocessing?

The quality and consistency of Finca Las Flores coffee are guaranteed by the dedication and hard work of our staff. We employ
responsible workers who have a strong sense of belonging and commitment to the work they do.

6. Is there any specific resource or community you rely on to stay updated on thelatest developments, techniques, or trends in the coffee industry?

Currently, Finca Las Flores uses technology from Colombian companies, supporting and contributing to the development of new machinery made by Colombians.

7. How do you connect with the local community and support the farmers and workers involved in coffee production?

Yes, Finca Las Flores is involved in a project aimed at helping local coffee growers by providing advice on processing methods and assisting them in achieving better economic outcomes.

8. Can you share any memorable or significant moment in the history of your coffee farm?

In 2018, we won a national contest, giving us the privilege of representing Colombia at a fair held that year in South Korea.

9. We know you have many varieties on your farm. Do you have plans to introduce new varieties in the future or expand certain varieties that are already being cultivated?

For now, we are not planning to introduce new varieties, but we are open to experimenting with emerging varieties. Our priority is to expand and perfect the varieties we already cultivate on the farm.

10. Besides coffee farming, what are some of your other hobbies or interests? How do you relax or unwind?

I am currently in my final semester of law school and practice a sport called CrossFit.

  • Origin


    Altitude: 1,750 MASL

    Varietal: Chiroso

    Process: Natural Creamy Cultured Brillance

    Farm: Las Flores

  • Aroma/Flavor: 

    Strawberry, rambutan, lime, basil, lychee, cacao, spice

  • Acidity:

    Medium and bright

  • Body:

    Tea like

  • Summary:

    Diego's expertise in processing techniques at Finca Las Flores has had a significant impact on the coffee, particularly with the implementation of the Creamy Cultured Brilliance Fermentation method. This unique fermentation process has allowed Diego to highlight the sweet fruit characteristic of the Chiroso coffee variety, resulting in an exceptional aroma reminiscent of strawberry jam with hints of savoury basil and spice like cardamom. 

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BREW as Espresso

20g coffee in 40g out

Water/ 93°C

Brew time for this recipe should be around 24 sec 


12g coffee / 190g water ; 91 degC

⏱ 00:00 | 60 grams

⏱ 00:30 | 60 grams (up to 120g)

⏱ 01:00 | Stir 10 times then add up to 190g in total

⏱ 03:00 | Finish



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