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This chapter highlights one of our roaster's favorites: The Mierisch family.

Fincas Mierisch is more than just a collection of family coffee farms; it is a network of people throughout the entire production chain, all committed to the highest standards to deliver an exceptional cup of coffee. From the coffee pickers to the dry mill workers who handle the containers, each individual must execute their role meticulously to achieve excellence. As it's rightly said, 'Great coffee doesn't happen by accident.'

The Mierisch family, now in its 5th generation of coffee producers under Fincas Mierisch, includes Erwin Jr, Eleane, and Steve from the 4th generation. They played a pivotal role in propelling our coffee, and Nicaraguan coffee in general, into the international spotlight. Their involvement in organizing, judging, and participating in the Cup of Excellence program since the early to mid-2000s has taught them the dedication and hard work required to produce high-caliber coffee. Their commitment to quality has remained unwavering.

Erwin 'Wingo' Mierisch, the 5th generation of coffee producers in the family, is embarking on his 6th harvest with the farms. Before his return to Nicaragua, he briefly served as a barista in NYC. His passion for innovation and research has led him to develop new post-harvest processing methods and fine-tune the Quality Control (QC) lab protocols, with the goal of enhancing quality and consistency in the workflow.


The lot you have is of the Laurina variety, known for its naturally low caffeine content—approximately half that of a typical Arabica variety. The Mierisch family holds the distinction of being the first producers in Nicaragua to cultivate Laurina and has dedicated over a decade to working with this unique variety.

This particular batch underwent traditional Natural processing and was sun-dried for a total of 32 days in a greenhouse with raised beds and 75% shade. This extended drying period facilitated a gradual drying phase, contributing to the nuanced flavor development. Notably, this lot achieved 15th place in the private auction, Los Favoritos 2023, boasting an impressive average score of 87.26 points


Laurina is a low production variety, and due to the small size of its beans you require more of them to reach the same amount of weight as another regular arabica variety. Which explain why this lot was only 60kg total. 

Surprisingly, this plot, which is named Ojo de Agua, is grown at the low altitudes of 850 masl on our farm La Escondida in the Jinotega department of Nicaragua. From experience, they notice that Laurina responds better, in terms of production and plant health, to lower altitudes. They have also grown Laurina on Santa Lucia in Honduras, at an altitude of 1550 masl, however it does not respond as well as lower altitudes. 

  • Origin


    Altitude: 850 MASL

    Varietal: LAURINA



  • Aroma/Flavor:

    Apricot, Blueberry, Dates, Juicy Clementine, Floral, Honey, Golden Raisin, Hazelnut, Lemongrass, Milk Chocolate, Raspberry, Stone Fruit, Citric Acidity, Dried Fruits, Tannic finish, White tea. Acidity: Bright and Citrus 

  • Acidity:

    Bright and Citrus 

  • Body:

    Juicy and round, with a skim milk like mouth feel. 

  • Summary

    For this Laurina, grind a bit finer than your usual setting, and don't be concerned about bitterness. This coffee is particularly enjoyable to experiment with using various brewing devices beyond the recommended V60 and Tricolate. Erwin mentioned that they find this Laurina Natural to be especially delightful as an espresso, consistently delivering a juicy acidity harmonized with rich, deep purple notes of grape and plum.

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brew with V60

BREW with V60

13g coffee/ 190g water/ 93°C

⏱ 00:00 | 20 grams

⏱ 00:35 | 60 grams (up to 80g)

⏱ 01:00 | 55 grams (up to 135g)

⏱ 01:30 | 55 grams (stop at 190g)

Brew time for this recipe should be around 2:00 

brew with TRICOLATE

BREW with Tricolate

12g coffee/ 185g water/ 93°C

⏱ 00:00 | 40 grams

⏱ 01:00 | 70 grams (up to 110g)

⏱ 02:00 | 70 grams (stop at 185g)

⏱ 03:30 | Finish 

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