Elevate Your Coffee Experience with 2-WayCup

The 2-WayCup came in two sizes. The smaller cup (130ml) is perfect for enjoying espresso or sharing filter coffee, tea, or sake. The larger cup (330ml) is designed for savoring a full cup of coffee, like filter coffee or an Americano. Additionally, the cup colors can serve as a visual cue, helping you associate them with flavors of foods that share similar colors.

Once Upon a Time

Imagine having a cup that offers two distinct drinking experiences, a game-changer for coffee shops, home brewers, and even coffee competitions. Most coffee competitions only allow one cup per judge. In 2022, the team introduced the world to a groundbreaking 2-way drinking experience at the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship and the Hong Kong Barista Championship, where we served espresso in a single cup, giving them two unique drinking experiences.

How it Works

Our concept revolves around delivering the drink to different parts of your tongue, resulting in diverse drinking experiences. A narrower rim directs the drink to the front and middle of your tongue, yielding sweeter and more intense flavors with a heavier body. Meanwhile, the flared rim directs the drink to the rear of your tongue, spreading it wider, enhancing aroma, floral notes, and prolonging the aftertaste with a silkier body.