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  • Tricolate coffee brewer (Updated Version)
  • Brewer Case
  • 100 filters

The Ideal Setup for Maximal Coffee Extraction

The Tricolate brewer draws inspiration from precision pouring tools and flat-bed brewers to provide superior control over flow rate, agitation, and percolation, minimizing the risk of channeling. Its specially designed elements, such as the flat bottom, form-fitting filter, and wide base, work together to prevent bypass and promote even water-coffee contact, resulting in a shallow, uniform coffee bed. Additionally, the dispersion screen ensures even water distribution, further reducing the chance of channeling. The Tricolate's finely tuned brewing system produces a high extraction, resulting in a rich, full-bodied flavor.

Achieving Proper Agitation with Ease
Pour-over brewing often overlooks the crucial element of pouring, which requires even saturation and proper agitation of coffee grounds with water. Achieving this can be challenging, often requiring a specialized gooseneck kettle and steady hand. However, the Tricolate brewer eliminates this variable entirely. Its precision dispersion screen controls the flow rate and pour height, allowing for consistent and controlled agitation. With the Tricolate, achieving consistently high extractions is effortless, regardless of the kettle used. All that's needed is the appropriate grind size and water temperature, and the Tricolate will do the rest.


Crafted in Australia from Tritan plastic, the Tricolate brewer is built to last and is heat-stable, making it a reliable choice for coffee aficionados. The Tritan plastic is also free from BPA, BPS, and other bisphenols, ensuring that your coffee is free from harmful chemicals. The brewer comes with German-made filters that have a consistent pore structure, contributing to the high extraction rate. Additionally, the filters are relatively small, using less paper than those for traditional pour-over brewers, which reduces the environmental impact of each brew.

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